play as culture

As a member of the ‚Spiel und Zukunft‘ (Play and Future) initiative, we want to make a contribution to the culture of play beyond our products.

For children of all ages, playing is much more than just entertainment or pastime. Playing is a first way of getting to know the world by themselves. Through play, basic experiences and skills are formed that will last a lifetime. This is where the child begins to explore its environment and establish a relationship with it.

Play is the special way to develop his powers, his senses, his dexterity, his sensations, his understanding – the foundations of his personality. The child’s will to develop is expressed through play.

We consider toys to be ‚appropriate for children‘ if they meet the developmental needs of children above and beyond the safety aspect. The following criteria are essential for us

  • Harmonious shapes, colours and sounds
  • Natural material
  • Mobility
  • Free artistic design
  • Transparent function
  • Longevity

With this in mind, you will find new tips and information about games, children and family in our online parents‘ magazine every month.

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